Awakening Sovereignty

Please listen to my Welcome Message!

The system is designed to only limit the freedom that we are wired to strive towards.

In this mini-workshop I help you reclaim personal mental Freedom by giving you a deeper understanding of:

English language and societal programming.

You have searched and grown so much
and yet your sovereignty is still calling you...

You’ve thought about "reclaiming" it

but spending long hours researching, or taking that long study course that requires you to digest lots of head heavy documentation on law, and navigating that weird world of "legalease" SIMPLY is NOT appealing.

Deep inside you know that you dont have the energy or the WILL to really follow through AND YET...

Sovereignty is calling YOU.

You’ve always felt that a different path must exist

But you’ve felt that talking about sovereignty is somehow still like giving it "new spiritual talk - lipservice" OR it has felt at least somehow still inauthentic?

The thoughts of HOW COULD YOU ever become Sovereign if you DON'T HAVE ALL the "knowledge" required?

Hey, relax...FYI your inner Wisdom has brought you here!

You've simply known: something's missing

But spiritual healing practices AND ALL of the Sovereignty Courses based on LAW all lack that FEMININE ENERGY that you have always felt inside made it feel so rational, harsh, logic based.

Sovereignty comes about from integrating Divine Feminine, Natural sense-making SACRED WISDOM.

You are at the right place. Welcome Home to grace being shown.

The Bottom Line

No one can reclaim or give you sovereignty.
It is an inner process of returning, remembering and re awakening that which you naturally and originally ARE (and have been).

Here’s an important question for you:
What if you stopped looking outside of yourself for how freedom is being suppressed ---- and started cultivating it from within with your WILL instead?
Sounds too spiritual or airy fairy?
Hang tight. This workshop is about to show you exactly how.

Here’s the deal with reclaiming freedom in the so called year of 2022.

There are thousands of modalities involving special rituals, sage, incense and chakrabands (workshop reference) to help you "heal".
AND NONE speak about helping you restore your WILL.

People are tired of the rich promises of freedom, transformation, and bliss without ever addressing the core wounds around:

Your Sense of Self Sovereignty

People in 2022 want easy understandable answers to their core questions and search for freedom. They want REAL tangible STEPS that are not more forms of "spiritual bypassing"

and that’s where Awakening Sovereignty comes in.
You access foundational wisdom on Sovereignty and your Will, in less than 3 hours.

Then, you start applying the simple tools and practices you learned.
And the best part is: you get to be the one Willing all this!
Life in the 'World of Man' is often harsh and has been hurtful in so many ways. It is totally natural to feel tired of searching for answers and real breakthroughs.

That is where awakening your Will comes in
Will Awakening
1 - You are Willing to receive wisdom

2- You train yourself in FEELING your inner Will

3 - You Awaken your full Will Awareness

When you reactivate your Will and you choose to cultivate your "yay" or your "nay" in true transparency:

Your Life trajectory changes dramatically for the better.
Freedom awaits within.
This workshop will help you find Deep Courage again.

When you are Willing to remember who you are outside of all the programming and distorted ways that "reality" seems to function, you unlock your inner awareness of what is natural, original and truly real.

This awarenes comes to you through Feminine Wisdom that is hardly taught in any Sovereignty conversation.

Awakening Sovereignty

Discover what despite all your spiritual practice and healing
has been missing from the healing equation:

Your restored Will...

and then Go Awaken it.

Here’s everything that’s included:

Guided Meditation practice ($17)

“Syntax & Language" training (value $67)

“Feminine (True) Sovereignty" training (value $67)

"The Will Awakening Process" training (value $67)

Optional 30 Min free session with Souvereign
(value $67)

Total Value: $285
Today's price: just $27
Here’s exactly what we’ll cover during the Awakening Sovereignty workshop.


30 MIN

✔️ How language governs our conscience or consciousness

✔️ How the English language got scripted as a contract based language for trade control and commerce purposes based on nouns

✔️ What got omitted out of the English Language Syntax (by design or default)

✔️ How feeling based relating is superior to thinking based speaking from our mind.


45 MIN

✔️ Remembering the Soul’s Journey that we are each on.

✔️ Unhealthy masculine ideas about reclaiming Sovereignty externally and through the intellectual pathway of the mind

✔️ Feminine Pathways of Sophia (Wisdom) to true sovereignty

✔️ Understanding the impacts of non-violent Births - seeing how the premature separation from the placenta affects our Will.


45 MIN

✔️ What our Will is for and how it has been written out of our language use.

✔️ What the difference is between Willing & Wanting in the english language

✔️ How we can start restoring our Will today.

✔️ What the Will Awakening process involves

✔️ What you can do further towards healing the fear around speaking your Will
Everything you need to start navigating the world of man with more knowledge and personal power.
Unfiltered and honest reviews of working with Souvereign Freedom

You've likely felt underwhelemed before by an online program.
Maybe it was a course that didn't deliver on its promise, or a workshop that turned out to be a thinly-veiled sales pitch.

And while we can tell you that the Awakening Sovereignty mini-workshop is well, small, there's nothing that replaces hearing from actual people who have been on the Journey

Here are video testimonials, unfiltered and completely honest.

Want to know who Souvereign is?
For 10 years I have studied and applied Regenerative Agricultural Practices and now I am using the same principles to create Regeneration in Human Ecology.

Doing this work myself on myself has transformed, up-levelled, and empowered me to teach, train and coach others in “Syntropic Embodiment”.

As a strong voice for Lotus Birth and Natural Birthing Advocate, I also teach men around the importance of Natural Birth & pregnancy practices and how they can show up even more effectively and powerfully during pregnancy and birth.

I simply offer people this: Let me help you Remember your Nature. The healing, albeit transformational will be All Natural. “

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